Tom Byrne composed the hostage music and care home music you hear in the demo. The rest of the music from the trailer and demo are from these users on

Trailer music:

Dramatic sample by tyops

Game music and sounds:

Reverb Kick by djkanis

DOOR Apartment Wood INT open close medium near MG by matucha

Door Open by timgormly

carEngineStart.wav by davidbain

footsteps rug by Yuval

Reverse piano by JarAxe

telephone ring.wav by xyzr_kx

footsteps on wood by Mydo1

gunthing.mp3 by steveygos93

Gunshot 4.wav by ShawnyBoy

DramaticStabs.wav by Sclolex

front door open.wav by THE_bizniss

Doorbell 1.wav by bennstir

Car Passing by Johnnyfarmer

Radio Static by stondi