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Developer: Big Cow Studios, based in London, UK

Founded: April 2, 2015





The Last Time (demo)

The Protagonist

Beard Fighter

Coffee Quest

Don’t Choke


1 Regency Court, Unwin Way, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 1FE, UK


+44 (0) 20 8952 8529


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Steam launch date: 10th September 2016

Steam page (will go live around 7th September)

Kickstarter page

Greenlight page

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Genre: Adventure, indie

Price: $3.99, £2.79, €3.99

Game description:

The Last Time is an adventure game which combines retro graphics and game mechanics with modern nonlinear storytelling. You play as Jack Glover, a retired police officer. Due to a tragedy which occurred during his career, Jack has withdrawn from society – until a mysterious phone call starts a series of events which forces him back into the real world. Now, he must face some new challenges: his physical frailty, his ignorance of modern technology, and his fear of connecting with people.


The demo has had over 30k plays on different sites, and was featured on Gamejolt, with an average rating of 4.5. Luca Redwood, creator of 10000000 and You Must Build a Boat, described it as ‘brilliant and lovely’. The Kickstarter was 112% funded on 12th April 2015. The game was Greenlit after 15 days.

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Key features:

– Combines retro graphics and point-and-click mechanics with modern nonlinear storytelling

– Not only can the player make decisions which affect events later in the story, but they can choose elements of the backstory, make tactical decisions, and even choose the protagonist’s sexual orientation

– Quirky, dark humour

– Original soundtrack

– Emotionally powerful scenes

– Tense action sequences

Big Cow Studios

Big Cow Studios currently consists solely of Big Cow (aka Daniel Black). He worked on every aspect of The Last Time save for audio, for which he collaborated with composer Tom Byrne. The name ‘Big Cow’ comes from a nickname that Daniel was given in his last job.

Daniel has a background in the creative arts; he performs improvised theatre, most recently via podcast, and has been in a rap group and directed a music video. Until recently, however, he has stuck to ‘safe’ careers, working as a strategy consultant and then a civil servant. In 2014, bored of the civil service, he started learning how to develop video games using online tutorials. In April 2015, he finally worked up the nerve to quit his job so he could pursue his passion full time. With the help of a plug-in for the Unity engine called Adventure Creator, he was able to make point-and-click adventure games.


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