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Happy July, friends (what, it’s July already?)!

The first thing I want to say takes the form of a confession: progress on the game this past month hasn’t been amazing. A mixture of technical difficulties and burnout have slowed my progress somewhat. The good news is that the technical difficulties in question are now fixed (with a heap of credit due to Chris Burton, the publisher of the Adventure Creator software that I’m using), and that the school I’m working at finishes for the summer holidays in a couple of weeks, meaning I’ll be able to go back to devoting myself full time to development. It is my intention is to have everything ready for release around the end of August.

Virtually all of the ‘high priority’ tasks have been completed now, so it’s now mostly down to polishing things. Changes that I’ve made this month include:

Making it so that previously-selected dialogue options appear in a different colour:

Due to popular demand, I’ve finally made the tutorial text optional:

And, I’ve made the subtitles boxes appear and disappear a little more smoothly to mitigate the ‘blinking’ effect that sometimes occurs (can’t demonstrate this in a screenshot, but trust me, it’s happening!)

In other news, I took the (updated) demo to my third London Anime and Adventure Convention. I always enjoy watching people’s emotional reactions to the game 🙂

Finally, I want to mention an adventure game that a friend of mine is working on – James Lightfoot is launching his own Kickstarter campaign for The Mystery of Woolley Mountain on July 20th, and you can play the demo and sign up for news about the Kickstarter on his website.

That’s all for now – if all goes to plan, my next update will coincide with an updated beta release.

As always, thank you for your continued support 🙂


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