Surveys, sounds and scenes

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I have much exciting news!

I’ve been making good progress on the game. I’ve been experimenting with a slightly different approach, whereby I’m using a lot of placeholder art; I’m finding this effective as it means I can get through the scenes quite quickly and focus on the writing and development, which will allow me to get a draft of the game done relatively early so I can then go back and make changes to the story and techy stuff before getting everything polished with nice art assets. Here is a draft scene that I recently completed with placeholder art (very slightly spoiler-y but it’s hard to see what’s going on from the screenshot, especially if you don’t read all the little bits of text!):


– Earlier this week, I had sound designer Tom Byrne in the studio (i.e, my living room) so that we could make plans for the game’s audio. It felt great working on the game as part of a team, having worked on it solo for so long! Here is a photo I took with Tom:


– Finally, if you just can’t wait for more adventure, you can play Coffee Quest, a game I made in 72 hours last weekend with two friends for the Ludum Dare 33 Game Jam. I worked on writing and development, Ben Moss worked on art and animation, Robert Shaffer of the Androb Podcast provided music, and we all contributed to design. The theme of the jam was ‘you are the monster’, so the game was inspired by this theme. You can go to the Gamejolt page to play the game, or you can visit the Ludum Dare page to view the original entry!


Thanks for following my progress! Speak soon 🙂


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