Kickstarter progress

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I’ve been working hard on preparing for the Kickstarter campaign, which I’m planning on launching around 10th July. I’ve made a draft gameplay teaser trailer, and have been working on the reward tiers and the page content. I’ve even created a Twitter account for Sarah, one of the characters in the game. No idea if it will take off, but I thought it was worth a try. I’m already feeling desperate in advance (I’m nearing the low point of my constantly undulating levels of optimism vs pessimism about the project).

Come on, Dan. Shake yourself out of it. Focus. This is a good game, and it’s had really good feedback from adventure gamers who have played the demo. You just need to get word of it out there; if enough people see it, this will surely be a success.

I’ll leave you with a selfie that Sarah took.

Take care.

Daniel / Big Cow


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