Happy anniversary!

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Happy anniversary! It’s been a year since The Last Time was funded on Kickstarter, supporting my dream of releasing my first commercial game. Now, that dream is tantalisingly close – in the next few days, I will send out what … Continued

We’re almost there!

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Happy July, friends (what, it’s July already?)! The first thing I want to say takes the form of a confession: progress on the game this past month hasn’t been amazing. A mixture of technical difficulties and burnout have slowed my … Continued

Making the Beta Better

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Happy (end of) May, The Last Time fans! We’re now one month into beta testing. The people who have provided feedback have been very helpful, identifying bugs, graphical glitches and typos, as well as providing useful comments on the gameplay … Continued

Getting there!

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Hello Last Time fans! I owe you many thanks – and an apology. Thanks for being so patient and supportive as I work on getting The Last Time ready for beta – and, sorry for the delay in getting it … Continued

February super-update!

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Happy February, The Last Time fans! It’s been a little over a month since I last gave you a progress report, so to make up for lost time, I’ve got a big update for you today. It will include news … Continued

January mega-update

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The arrival of 2016 has brought many exciting things for me to tell you about! Here’s a run-down of what’s been going on at Big Cow Studios since my last update: Big Cow goes on tour December saw two events … Continued

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