Hi! My name’s Daniel, aka Big Cow. In April 2015, sick of hanging around in jobs I didn’t like just for stability’s sake, I finally quit so I could pursue my passion for developing video games. It was a scary move – I had no idea whether I’d be able to make a success of it. So far, things have turned out great – I’ve released several games, and got a professional level designer role at a game studio!

Games interest me most as a medium for interactive storytelling, putting you in a starring role in your own adventure. My main indie work to date, The Last Time, is a narrative-driven, nonlinear point-and-click adventure game about a retired police officer, which I released in September 2016.

I (occasionally) update this site with blog posts following my progress. You can also stay up to date by following me on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve been involved in some other creative pursuits, including being in a rap group, filming and directing a music video and performing improvised comedy / theatre, most recently as a recurring guest on the Androb Podcast.